The Rise of CAP

CAP is an NFT collection that emerged as a result of the curiosity of how our concepts of characters, events and places in the novels we read are shaped in everyone's imagination.

The artwork has been drawned by artificial intelligence in the traditional novel and realitsic style .

  • Transparency

    "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." - Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Macon, 12 January 1819.

  • Experienced Team

    "We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in." – Ariana Huffington

  • Be Unique

    “Fitting in allows you to blend in with everyone else, but being different allows you to be yourself, to be unique and to be more creative.” - Sonya Parker

Thousands of Users

While these nft owners are breaking new ground in transforming the novel characters into nft by visualizing them by artificial intelligence, 60% of the sales to be obtained from the limited edition crime and punishment novels to be created with this nft collection will be distributed to the nft owners.

We understand the importance of the cross-over between these worlds and we truly believe to bridge these two together. Our goals will always be for the community - creating, building and innovating together with the commmunity.

Our Team Members

The idea was born in Istanbul and rapidly became a borderless vision - A team of CAP with a background in computer graphics, crypto, technology, and art.

  • Ekın Savas

    Founder and Web3 Developer

  • Hasan Cınar

    Frontend Developer

  • Furkan Akkurt

    Backend Cloud Developer

  • Eren Girisken

    Web3 Developer and Social Media Advisor

  • Huseyın Cıtak

    2D Artist, Photographer and Digital Content Creator

  • Taha Enes Karcıoğlu

    2D Artist and Digital Content Creator