The collection made with artificial intelligence brings your imagination to the real world.

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The Rise of CAP

CAP is an NFT collection that emerged as a result of the curiosity of how our concepts of characters, events and places in the novels we read are shaped in everyone's imagination.

The artwork has been drawned by artificial intelligence in the traditional novel and realitsic style .

About NFT Collection

While these nft owners are breaking new ground in transforming the novel characters into nft by visualizing them by artificial intelligence, 60% of the sales to be obtained from the limited edition crime and punishment novels to be created with this nft collection will be distributed to the nft owners.

We understand the importance of the cross-over between these worlds and we truly believe to bridge these two together. Our goals will always be for the community - creating, building and innovating together with the commmunity.


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    What is the CAP NFT?

    CAP stands for "Crime and Punishment" . A novel from very known author Dostoyevski. We are bringing characters, places, and events from book to the life. Everyone thinks of the characters or places and events differently so we try to create common look with AI.

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    What is the utility behind it?

    We are recreating the novel with these NFTs which will be first in the world. The novel will be sold online and the income from that sale will be distributed to the holders. Also all the holders will be whitelisted for second collection. Moreover we will have partnership with SUI name services to integrate their services to our novel. If you own a Raskolnikov NFT then you will have Raskolnikov name on the SUI ecosystem. It means you are Raskolnikov for SUI ecosystem now. Your address and everything you have is on SUI network now and can be reached using your name. How cool is that?

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    What is second collection?

    The second collection will be key to lifetime access of our AI generated NFT tools. We are working on text to image tool that you can create AI art and automatically turn that into NFTs. Also we are building an NFT marketplace in which only AI generated NFTs will be sold. So when you use our image generation tool, it will automatically turn your images into NFTs, which then you can trade on our marketplace. The fee income of the sales of NFTs will be distributed to the second collection holders.

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    What is CAP Token?

    CAP token is the official token for this novel universe. CAP Token will be used for buying novel and also will be used for trading AI created NFTs on our launchpad.

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    Mint date: TBA

    Mint price: TBD Mint price: TBD


    Collection size: 2222

    Chain: SUI

Some of Our Arts

CAP’s Roadmap

  • Q3, 2022

    Dropping Twitter,Discord and Website

    Reaching a large audience with advertisements on discord and twitter